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Q2, 2023 Scorecard Update

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What's included?:

  • The latest Scorecard customer survey results, including:
    • 94% of households are taking action as a result of their Scorecard assessment
    • 100% agreed their assessor acted in a professional manner and in their best interests
    • 98% agreed their assessor provided:
      • useful and personalised information,
      • additional information to the certificate, and
      • answered all their questions well
    • 97% agreed their assessor explained the rating and certificate well
    • 96% agreed their assessor provided a clear list of priorities to help achieve their goals.
  • Discounted Scorecard assessments now available across Victoria, thanks to the Victorian Energy Upgrades program
  • How Scorecard can support households to transition to an all-electric home
  • The webinar for local governments is now available on our website
  • Scorecard at the National Energy Efficiency Conference in Sydney.

Q1, 2023 Scorecard Update

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What's included?:

  • 114 assessors accredited across Australia
  • 7,695 homes assessed
  • Scorecard on 9News!
  • Webinar for local governments
  • Spotlight on local governments running Scorecard programs:
    • City of Adelaide, Randwick City Council, Banyule City Council
  • Find us on YouTube
  • Tips to prepare your home for winter

The email header shows: 7,695 Australian homes assessed to date!

Q4, 2022 Scorecard Update

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What's included?:

That's a wrap on 2022!

Another successful year for Scorecard, thanks to the hard work of our Australia-wide community of Scorecard assessors.

  • 29 new assessors accredited
  • over 1,300 homes assessed to take us to a national total of 7,341
  • supported 7  home energy performance programs run by state and territory governments
  • Scorecard to become a new activity under Victorian Energy Upgrades
  • All-electric Scorecard option now available, thanks to the ACT government
  • 'Get it right' with the Undercover Architect podcast feature

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