Homeowners are asking how they can live in an efficient and comfortable home. Now there’s a simple solution.

A Scorecard assessment is an objective way of measuring the energy efficiency of a new home before it is built. It can also help to get the best outcome from any renovations.

Scorecard is different to a NatHERS rating because it includes fixed appliances and solar power as well as the building’s construction to produce a star rating out of ten.

Scorecard can demonstrate the benefit of adding solar power and using higher efficiency appliances in addition to the performance of the underlying construction. Scorecard is capable of running different scenarios and communicates outcomes from these changes in a client-friendly way. It is so effective at this that some architects have now become Scorecard assessors to use this tool more broadly in their practice.

A Scorecard assessment is a great way to clearly demonstrate to your customers that your product is a premium energy efficient home.

Becoming a Scorecard assessor is a great way to add another revenue stream to your business. For example, if you are a building inspector you can also offer a pre-sale Scorecard assessment.

Building a new home with Scorecard

A Scorecard assessment before building can help improve the energy efficiency of a new home, making it more comfortable and cheaper to run.

Page last updated: 15/09/22