Stream 6

Suitable if you have worked as a home energy assessor, which means you have proven expertise in the thermal properties of a home and extensive knowledge of appliances and efficient upgrade options. However, you do not have the formal qualifications listed in the other streams.

You will need to upload the following documents to start your Scorecard application:

  1. Curriculum vitae (CV) or resume.
  2. A home energy assessment report you have completed for a client. Please remove all personal client information (for example: name, address, etc.). Reports containing this information will not be accepted. This report should be uploaded to the 'Documented experience' section in the Scorecard portal, please see below for further details.
  3. The Scorecard application form. Please use this form to demonstrate you have the required depth of skills to deliver professional home sustainability assessments. When completing the Scorecard application form, please ensure your examples are real and have come from your own work experience. Any work copied, shared or created by Artificial Intelligence (AI) will lead to your application being rejected.

If you would like to apply, create a login in the Scorecard Portal. and submit your documents.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at

Health and safety unit requirement

Prior to completing the accreditation process it is a requirement that you provide evidence of completing CPPCOM4002 - Implement safe work practices in the property industry, within the past 5 years. This unit is not required to start your accreditation, it can be completed at any point during the accreditation process.

Click here to find details of this unit. When you reach the page for the course, click the 'Find RTOs approved to deliver this qualification' link to find course providers. This unit is not funded or provided by the Scorecard team.

What happens after you submit your application?

We will evaluate your documents against the Scorecard Quality Principles 1-4. If you have sufficient skills and experience you will pass to Stage 2.

If we think you need more training or experience before becoming a Scorecard Assessor, we will give you recommendations. Once you can demonstrate the required skills, you can continue with your application.

Page last updated: 30/08/23