An increasing number of banks and financial institutions are rewarding their customers with low interest rate 'green housing loans' for energy efficient houses, renovations or upgrades.

Scorecard offers banks and financial institutions an objective and repeatable assessment of the energy efficiency of a house, or the proposed renovations or upgrades to a house, independent of occupant behaviour.

Supported by government-developed software and delivered by experienced and accredited assessors, Scorecard details a property's:

  • energy efficiency star rating out of 10 stars
  • comfort rating showing how well a home copes with hot and cold weather
  • star rating with and without solar power
  • efficiency ratings for each of the fixed appliances such as heating, cooling and hot water service
  • energy consumption of the fixed appliances over one year
  • greenhouse gas emissions for the fixed appliances over one year

Scorecard assessors can produce a Scorecard variation report. The variation report models the impact of proposed renovations or upgrades to a home's energy efficiency star rating, clearly demonstrating the real and measurable benefits of proposed renovations or upgrades.

If you are looking to finance a new energy efficient home, renovations or upgrades, Scorecard can help.

Scorecard demonstration

Page last updated: 15/09/22