Residential Efficiency Scorecard

Australia's trusted energy and comfort rating program for existing homes.

How a Scorecard assessment can help you

The Residential Efficiency Scorecard rates your home's energy use and comfort, and provides tailored recommendations for improvements.

Getting a Scorecard home energy rating from a government-accredited assessor will help you make the best choices by providing targeted information to assist you in achieving your goals whether that's reducing your energy bills, going all-electric, or living in a more comfortable home.

A mum and daughter sitting on a couch smiling, mum is using a remote control to adjust the split system

Currently endorsed by NatHERS, the Residential Efficiency Scorecard program is expected to be fully accredited and phased into NatHERS. Until this occurs, all elements of the Scorecard program, including the assessment tool, assessor training and assessor accreditation, will continue to be delivered by the Victorian Government on behalf of all Australian governments.

The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) provides accurate, and comparable home energy performance ratings and information to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of Australian homes. For more information visit: