A home’s Scorecard rating can be advertised at point of sale or lease by using the relevant star rating image in any advertising, online or print.

A Domain report found that the median sale price of energy efficient homes has a price premium of $125,000.

A Scorecard rating is an excellent resource to help in the sale, purchase and rental of residential properties. A Scorecard rating can help vendors and rental providers attract higher prices and long-term tenants as more people want to live in an energy efficient and comfortable home.

Vendors can capitalise on buyer interest in energy efficiency by featuring their Scorecard star and comfort rating in their marketing.

Buyers can complete a pre-sale Scorecard assessment to verify any energy efficiency claims, in the same way that they would complete a building or pest inspection.

Rental providers can advertise the comfort and energy efficiency of their rental property by including their Scorecard rating in all marketing. As the Scorecard rating is independent of occupant behaviour, the certificate can be used longer term. Using the Scorecard rating will set your property apart and attract tenants, as everyone wants to live in a comfortable, cheaper to run home.

Use guide and advice

Please ensure that only the correct star rating as shown on the property's Scorecard certificate is used in advertising and communications.

When using the rating visuals in real estate advertising, it is suggested to include the following text to help buyers and renters understand what the rating represents:

The Residential Efficiency Scorecard is Australia’s trusted energy and comfort rating program for existing homes. The national average is 3 stars, the higher the star rating the lower the yearly energy costs.

It can be beneficial to include the property's Scorecard certificate in online listing images. The certificate can also be made available at property inspections.

To report any advertising errors in the Scorecard rating of a property, please contact us: scorecard@delwp.vic.gov.au

Learn more about Scorecard, and how it can help real estate agents and builders advertise.

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